Best selling ab exercise machine in India 2021

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  • Made of high quality steel, durable and freestanding decline bench offers wide variety of core workouts.
  • Material: thick PU leather + high quality steel , Size: 30*30*125cm , Product load capacity: 150kg
  • Ideal for stretching, abs and leg work out, push up and back sit up.Ideal for commercial, light institutional and home use.
  • Adjustable incline/height to tailor the intensity to your fitness level.
  • High quality foam keep feet comfortably and safely in place .Soft padding will not hurt your back when you lie on it.


Best selling ab exercise machine in India| Buy on Amazon

Exercise is the best way to stay healthy, and today everyone has become very aware of the exercise.

Various types of equipment have come in the market today, using which you can exercise any part of your body, such as treadmill and air bike for doing cardio, stationary cycle for legs, and adjustable bench for chest, etc. can use

Similarly, there are different types of equipment for exercising your abdominal muscles, which will help you make abs.

If you want to make your abs, then this equipment that I am going to tell you about today, which can use in your home gym also,

You can use these devices using your body weight. no electricity needed

Benefits of abs Machine

  1. Burn fat quickly-This abs machine directly targets your core muscles, love handles, and side fat of your abdomen, which burns your fat faster.
  2. Get perfect shape- While using the abs machine, your back and spine are used more and more, due to this your body gets a better shape.
  3. Back pain relief- By using this, your spine gets constant operation and stability, due to which you also get relief in back pain.
  4. High Efficiency- With the help of this machine, you can do abdominal crunches or back exercises comfortably, and it completely tones your muscles, due to which you get the best results with high efficiency.

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Features of Abs Machine

 abs exercise machine for home

  • It has padded ankle and knee rollers to balance the bench and provide comfort while exercising.
  • This device can handle a weight of 120 to 150 kg while exercising, so we can use it at our home too.


 abs exercise machine for home

  • With the help of this machine, we can also do stretching, push-ups, back sit-ups, and leg workouts.
  • You can do many types of exercises by adjusting it in your way.



 abs exercise machine for home

  • It uses non-slip foam, which prevents you from slipping
  • It manufactures durable abs exercise machine with high quality steel material.



Types of bench abs exercise machine for home

  1. Adjustable Sit Up
  2. Foldable Sit Up
  3. Curved Sit Up

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