Best refrigerator under 25000 in India 2021

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  • Frost Free, Double Door: auto defrost to stop ice-build up
  • Capacity 253 liters: suitable for families with 2 to 3 members and bachelors
  • Energy rating 3 Star : high Energy Efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Digital Inverter Compressor : automatic adjustment of speed in response to cooling demand, quieter operation and uses less power
  • Shelf type: spill proof toughened glass. The compressor even operates at 50°C
  • Inside box: 1 unit Refrigerator & 1 unit user manual
  • Spl. Features: voltage range : 100V – 300V | stabilizer free operation | coolpack & coolwall | freshroom | digital display | deodorizer


Best refrigerator under 25000 in India 2021

The fridge has become an essential tool in the summer season. Refrigerators have become a beneficial tool for people during the summer season.

The Best Refrigerator under 25000 in India 2021 provides value of money with cold water to us in summer moreover keeps fresh fruits and vegetables, and retains their freshness. The Refrigerator also helps in making and storing delicious desserts and ice creams

Best refrigerator under 25000 in India 2021

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Best Refrigerator Brands in India 2021

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Haier
  5. Godraj

Refrigerator Buying Guide

1- Capacity
  • You get more capacity refrigerators in the market, and everyone should buy refrigerators according to their needs, If your family is small, you have two people living in your house, then you will get 150 liters Refrigerators with capacities up to 250 liters should be taken.
  • If the number of your family members is four to five, then you have to have fries with capacities ranging from 250 liters to 500 liters,
  • In this capacity, you can keep a lot of food and drink more cold water. And can also store a significant amount of ice, and this Refrigerator comes with a double door.
  • And if you have a big family, that is, ten to twelve members, then you can take a refrigerator with capacities ranging from 500 liters to 898 liters that come with Side by Side

2- Power consumption

Before We buying any fridge, one thing is to take care of the consumption of electricity, 

A require point because the electricity bill that will come in the last month of the month can be heavy on your pocket.

  • So it is required that whenever you buy a fridge, always keep the star in mind, you must have seen that when you buy electronic goods, 
  • So if you do not know the meaning of those stars, then we will give you information.
  • Let me tell you that the more stars on your fridge, the less electricity it consumes. 

If there are five stars on your Refrigerator, then your fridge will consume less electricity. 

Keeping all these things in mind, today I will explain to you the 7 best refrigerator under 25000 in India 2021, Which will help you a lot in buying a cheap and the best fridge.

Frequently asked Questions| FAQ

1-Is it ok to buy online

You do not have to doubt about it at all, you can buy the fridge without worrying about it, and you must have inspected most things are found online today.
yet you have doubt then you can take it from a branded app is Which is a safe option for you

2-Double Door or Single Door, which is better for me?

Double door and single door depends on your requirement.
If your family has 2 or 3 members or wants to keep the power consumption low, then a single door is a good option for you.
On the other hand, if your family has more than 2 or 3 members, then a double door is the best option for you.

3-What size should I get?

I believe that the size of the fridge also depends on your family member.
If your family member is less than 150 liters is enough for you, and if there are more people in your family member then 959 liters is enough for you.

4-Which refrigerator costs less energy?

Single door fridges have less power consumption and work with natural airflow as they do not automatically defrost the ice instead of manual defrosting, which is why the power consumption is low.

5-Does fridge size have any impact on electricity consumption?

The size of the fridge greatly influences your power consumption. For example, if you replace a 250 l fridge with a 5-star rating with a 180 L fridge at a 5-star rate, you will find that a 180 l model will consume less power as it would be smaller in size. is
So it would be good if you take the refrigerator as per your requirement.



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