Best ayurvedic medicine for overall health

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  • Patanjali Divya Anu Taila :- Helpful in Sinus respiratory Nostriil ( Two times in nostrils)
  • Patanjali Divya Coronil Vati : Boosts Immunity (1 Tablet After Meal)
  • Patanjali Divya Swasari Vati : helpful in respiratory Track problems (1 tablet Before Meals )
  • Beneficial for asthma(Dama) patient| (दमा के मरीजों के लिए फायदेमंद )
  • Beneficial for chronic cough
  • Useful for lungs infection
  • useful for acute bronchitis
  • Beneficial for hiccup problem
  • beneficial for cancer problem
  • useful in sore throat and irritat


Best ayurvedic medicine for overall health

Today many people are struggling with many diseases and dependent on allopathy, on the other hand, some people are dependent on ayurvedic

Today allopaths have a lot of medicines for various treatments because their research modern from the other

on the other hand, there are ayurvedic services, which despite their research not being so far ahead, provide their services well.

Best ayurvedic medicine for overall health

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Best ayurvedic medicine for overall health

Coronil Kit

There are three types of Ayurvedic medicine used in this Coronil Kit, and Swasari, Coronil, Anu tail are the main ingredients in this kit. 

Coronil- mainly use for covid-19 diseases


  • develop your immunity system
  • useful for throat infection

use- 1 to 2 pills twice a day post-meal

Swasari Vati


  • useful for your respiratory system
  • useful for cough, cold infection
  • improve your immunity 

use- 1 to2 pill twice a day pre-meal

Anu tail

use- 2 to 3 drop in your nose 

Today too many peoples suffer from knee and joint problem so for them Divya Orthogrit tablet beneficial for arthritis, cartilage damage, osteoarthritis, joint pain, stiffness and inflammation

This is patanjali new ayurvedic medicines in 2021 vary effective and beneficial however I would tell you that after consulting the doctor, you will get to know about their benefits as well.



Sea buckthron is a very rare herb that is found only in the cold desert and it is found in places like Lahaul and Spiti and Kinnaur, it is used in all medicines from fruit to leaf It has many benefits

1- Its fruits, fruits, and plants are used to cure arthritis, gastrointestinal ulcers, gout, and skin rashes caused by infectious diseases.

2- Their berries are also used to prevent infections, improving sight, and slowing the aging process.

3- Seed or berry oil is used to cure asthma, heart disorders, including chest pain (angina) and high cholesterol and also preventing from blood vessel disease

sea buckthorn capsules useful for healthy heart, help to manage psoriasls and help to improve immunity

madhugrit capsules useful for the madhumeh evam, madhumeh janya upadrav, and diabetes

Divya livogrit tablet useful for indigestion, lake of appetite and jaundice

The thyroid provides hormones to our body so that the functioning of our body works properly, but When the thyroid makes too much thyroid hormone, your body uses energy too quickly. This is called hyperthyroidism.

Divya Thyrogrit tablet beneficial for thyroid disorder means your thyroid hormones are imbalance

Peedanil golddegenerate, cartilage, cell, cartilage liquid, arthritis, osteoporosis, moch, shoth, vedna are beneficial in all these problems.



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