Get 5G internet speed in Airplain mode with Force LTE

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Get 5G internet speed in Airplain mode with Force LTE

On their phones, users may use Aeroplane Mode to access the mobile internet. This app contains all secret code settings.

5G internet speed

To enable the hidden setting that allows you to browse the internet while in Aeroplane mode, you must be using the secret code on your phone. You cannot, however, enter the secret code. Additionally, if you are unable to activate the hidden option on your phone, you may do it using the Force LTE Only (4G/5G) app.

If you use the secret code on your phone, you will receive settings that are identical to those you used before. I’m going to talk to you today about secret code settings for Android phones. To learn more about this, read this post all the way through.

Force LTE Only (4G/5G) app

One of the greatest applications for using your phone’s hidden setting is this one. You can use this app if you are unable to use the secret code on your phone or if the secret code is inoperable on your phone. For a better experience, you can utilise the chosen network by setting the specific network.


  • Use secret codes function
  • Use the internet in Airplane mode
  • Phone information setting
  • Usages statistics
  • Wi-Fi information
  • Different-Different methods for different phones
  • Dbm Meter
  • Dark Mode available

How to use

Make sure the app is already installed on your phone; otherwise, you must download it. How can you get this app on your phone then?

The download button is at the bottom of the post, which you must navigate to. To download and install the app on your phone, click the download icon. After installation, launch the app, select the next option, and then give this app access. Numerous alternatives will then appear on the screen. The choice must be chosen based on your preferences.

Choose Method 1 if your phone is running an Android version lower than 11. The Phone info setting will open after you press on the 4G Method 1 option. You must select the Mobile Radio Power option here. You may now access the internet when in Aeroplane mode.

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