Eat This to Boost Your Testosterone by 43%

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Eat This to Boost Your Testosterone by 43%

One of the frequently asked nutrition questions by men is, what do I eat to maintain high testosterone levels? 

Testosterone is the foundation of every male’s existence, as it helps build muscle and influence vital things like sex drive, bone strength, and the heart. 

So it isn’t much of a wonder why a ton of the male population is paying extra attention to their tea levels. 

Today, we’ll be talking about the ten delicious foods that are understated when it comes to their testosterone-boosting powers. 

Eat This to Boost Your Testosterone by 43%

Potatoes and blue cheese are some examples of these. Stay tuned to know more about them and the rest of the foods included in this article. 

High testosterone provides the potential for more muscle, which can be effective. Having said that, long-term use of testosterone supplements or anabolic steroids has adverse effects. 

According to a study, taking in an artificial tea causes the body to slow down testosterone production, as it detects enough testosterone to do the job for the time being. 

Hence, it’s important to take the natural approach, and there are three ways you can go about it, and these are true.

1- Sleep schedule

Fixing your sleep schedule is one way. Lack of sleep and anxiety leads to higher production of the stress hormone cortisol, which then blocks the production of testosterone.

2- Training Routine

Another way is to include compound training in your workout routine. Big compound exercises like deadlifts and squats are proven to boost testosterone.

3- Diet

Your diet to include T-level boosting foods. Tons of micronutrients are beneficial to increasing your testosterone. The amino acids in gelatin boost the production of anabolic hormones. 

Similarly, dark berries contain antioxidants that help enhance testosterone production. Want to know more about what other hidden gems there are? 

Let’s get right into it. 9 unsung foods that boost testosterone.

1- Gelatin 

Thousands of years ago, the bones and connective tissues of meat-giving animals were thoroughly savored, giving people a great balance of amino acids. 

It’s why people who lived in ancient times had a much longer life space. But in present cultures, we started eating just the muscle meat, neglecting the connective tissues, bones, and organ meat.

As a result, we get too much of the amino acids tryptophan and cysteine, and too little of the amino acids proline and glycine. 

The latter amino acids act as vital neurotransmitters for the body. 

What’s an easier way to get those two amino acids to eat gelatin? 

Gelatin is extremely dense with connective tissue protein, giving you 20% glycine and 15% proline. 

The neurotransmitters are balanced properly in the body and sleep quality improves T levels.

2- Potatoes

Grains are the best source of carbs, mainly due to issues brought by gluten, like significantly increasing prolactin levels, which effectively messes up tea production. 

Simple sugars aren’t also preferred, as they’ve been associated with lower T levels in numerous studies. 

There are still potatoes, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, white potatoes, and purple potatoes. 

If it’s a potato, then go for it. Potatoes are amazing. nongluten sources of tea boost carbohydrates, not to mention are rich in nutrients.

3- Raisins

Raisins are a great source of fructose. Boron and restriction fructose and other symbol sugars have been found to lower SHBG, and sex hormone binding globulin levels, which is good for your testosterone levels. 

SHBG binds to free testosterone, making it inactive within the body. lowering SHBG levels in the body increases the bioavailability of free testosterone. 

In addition, resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that’s been attributed to increased T levels and decreased estrogen levels.

And lastly, boron, albeit a not-too-popular mineral, has been linked to a significant increase in testosterone according to some scientific studies. 

So while you make your snack trail mix, don’t forget to add some raisins. while you’re at it, throw in a handful of macadamia nuts too, as they’re also great at boosting the T levels.

4- Macadamia Nuts 

Dietary fat is the best source to enhance testosterone, and nuts boost testosterone. Unfortunately, that’s not true. 

Saturated fatty acids, SFAs, and monounsaturated fatty acids MUFAs are the kinds of fats that increase T levels. 

However, polyunsaturated fatty acids Poofas, have the opposite effect, and most nuts are loaded with proofs. 

Macadamia nuts are an exception, though. A 100-gram serving of these delicious little nuts has 75 grams of dietary fat, out of which 60 grams are MUFAs, 13 grams are SFAs, and less than 2 grams are Poofus.

5- Palm kernel oil

If your goal is to have higher testosterone levels, then palm kernel oil is the best edible oil for you. 

As we’ve discussed, saturated fatty acids, SFAs, are one of the best fats most effective in increasing testosterone.  

Palm kernel oil has high amounts of it, 80% to be exact. Furthermore, palm kernel fat is low in polyunsaturated fats, Poofas, a type of fat that’s most vulnerable to lipid peroxidation.

Palm kernel is rich in vitamin E, a micronutrient that raises testosterone levels and can reduce the free radical damage caused by a high Poofa diet.

6- Raw cacao Products 

Raw cacao products are nutritionally dense, testosterone-boosting superfoods. These include cacao nibs, cacao beans, cacao butter, and cacao paste. 

Aside from the brimming antioxidant content, these raw cacao foods also have gut-friendly bacteria and enzymes that aid in digestion. 

Raw cacao consumption has been shown to boost cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and lower blood glucose. 

What makes them a T-level-boosting food, then? 

They have the key minerals that are vital for testosterone production. That’s what these minerals are zinc, iron, magnesium, and manganese. 

Moreover, the fat ratio of raw cacao products is also perfect for supporting testosterone production. 

You may eat more chocolates than the raw version. If not, then go for those raw cacao products we’ve mentioned.

7- Blue Cheese fermented foods 

Another excellent testosterone-boosting food source is since they contain probiotics, prebiotics-friendly bacteria, and enzymes linked to increased tea production. 

Yogurt and blue cheese are packed with friendly gut bacteria, live enzymes, and the like. 

Moreover, it has generous amounts of tea-boosting saturated fat with certain fat-soluble vitamins like the K Two that also aid in increasing T levels. 

You can easily incorporate blue cheese into your diet as it goes perfectly in dips, hamburgers, dressing, etc. 

So if you’re looking for a simple way to boost your testosterone, then add blue cheese to your meals. 

Everyone loves bacon, but to boost your tea levels, you should opt for the organic kind. 

8- Organic Bacon 

we all agree that bacon is pretty amazing. It doesn’t just taste heavenly, but it’s also rich in high-quality animal protein. 

Testosterone boost saturated fats and precursor of testosterone cholesterol. But these days, it’s better to eat organic bacon due to the mass production, conventional pigs are fed GMO, soy and corn and live in horrid conditions where they’re injected with tons of antibiotics to ensure they won’t get diseases. 

Moreover, pigs are also fed and pumped with so much estrogen and growth hormone to make them fatter and bigger in shorter periods. 

Because of the high content of pig meat, the hormone residues become a bigger concern, especially since the adipose tissue or fat is exactly where hormone traces are located. 

So you’re better off having organic, estrogen-trace-free bacon.

9- Grass-fed Butter 

Another food that must be a staple in your testosterone-boosting diet is grass-fed butter. 

This hidden gem is a quality source of testosterone-boosting SFAs, while also having fat-soluble, vitamins A-E-K Two, and D, all of which are attributed to increased testosterone production. 

Just make sure you’re getting the real deal and ideally, one that’s from grass-fed cows. 

Ten Dark Berries blueberries aside, berries and blackberries are all dark berry types and have always been extremely nutritious. 

That’s because the darker the berry, the higher the antioxidant content it has. In turn, the more antioxidants you consume, the less likely inflammation and oxidative damage take place in your body. 

Ultimately, it significantly increases testosterone production. As well as testosterone molecule preservation, dark berries also have a unique fiber called calcium D gluconate, which potentially AIDS by removing excess estrogen from the body. 

Speaking of estrogen, click here to learn the five habits that are raising estrogen levels in men.

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