Bodybuilding and weight loss program for men and women

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Bodybuilding and weight loss program for men and women

Do you want to display a dry and drawn physique? It’s time to start dry bodybuilding and weight loss program to reduce your fat mass while maintaining as much muscle mass as possible.
To adopt the right reflexes, lose weight, and avoid muscle wasting, the men’s dry program provides you with the key information to carry out your training: type of exercises, weight training and cardio ratio, intensity, frequency, and duration of your sessions, and even food.

Bodybuilding and weight loss program for men and women

Everything is reviewed to succeed in drying and thus radically transforming your physique in a few weeks ” weight loss program for men “.

The specificity of a dry bodybuilding program is to solicit fats as an energy channel to cause intensive weight loss while maintaining muscle volume and high basal metabolism.

The success of your program is based on both a food plan with a low-calorie diet and a combination of weight training and cardio. The objective is twofold: maintain muscle volume through weight training and increase fat burning with cardio.

What to remember from your dry training program:

  • a ratio of 60% bodybuilding and 40% cardio
  • 50% core exercises and 50% isolation exercises
  • the use of medium loads
  • a frequency of 5 times a week
  • high intensity
  • a session lasting a maximum of 1 hour 20 minutes

Of course, your program must also be associated with an adapted food plan to avoid gaining too much fat and compromising all your efforts.

What bodybuilding exercises for cutting?

In the cutting phase, the practice of bodybuilding remains a priority to avoid the dreaded muscle wasting because the muscle consumes energy and allows you to burn calories at rest and during exercise. 

That’s why it is essential to maintain a high basal metabolic rate (this is the minimum energy necessary to ensure vital functions)” weight loss program for men “.

Also, the 1-Month Dry program has been designed to have twice the fat-burning action of cardio or strength training alone.

However, be careful if you do weight training and cardio in the same session. 

How to integrate cardio into your program?

Day of the week————Exercises

Day 1——— Chest / Shoulders / Cardio

Day 2——–Lats / Traps / Abs / Cardio

Day 3——–Rest

Day 5——–Biceps / Triceps / Abs / Cardio

Day 6——–Cardio

Day 7——–Rest

Warming up

Remember to warm up before each workout! Warming up prepares your body for exercise and prevents injury. Do 2 long, light sets (15-20 reps at 25% RM) before starting your program and warm up the muscles and joints you will be working ” weight loss program for men “.

Strength training: basic exercises vs isolation

Your program is tailored to your goal. the basic exercises are balanced with those of isolation to preserve the muscular volume while working on the drawing. 

  • 50% of the bodybuilding program is devoted to multi-joint exercises (basic exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.) which mobilize a complete muscle group in a single movement.
  • The other 50% are reserved for single-joint exercises (isolation exercises such as dumbbell curls, leg curls, lateral raises, etc.) which only work a single joint and target a particular muscle to better.

Cardio exercises

Bodybuilding and weight loss program for men and women

Cardio increases caloric expenditure and taps into fat reserves to accelerate fat loss. The program is based on a ratio integrating 60% weight training exercises and 40% cardio exercises to maintain a sufficient anabolic effect for muscle building.

Depending on your preferences, you can opt for the bike, the elliptical trainer, the rower, the stepper, the treadmill, and the skipping rope. Everything is good for burning fat and all going to the end of your program.

It is advisable to work 1 day a week exclusively in cardio without excess so as not to cause too much muscle catabolism to maintain muscle and burn fat.

What intensity of bodybuilding training?

In the dry phase, the recovery capacity is reduced due to the caloric restriction of the food plan.

It is necessary to avoid multiplying the constraints and directly obtain the best result by playing on the volume of training (number of sessions), the loads, and the intensification techniques.

Moderate loads

During periods of “dry” calorie intake is reduced, and the strength decreases. We must accept to be less strong. On the other hand, it is necessary to maintain a good intensity and not to fall into the facility by doing sessions that do not guarantee good muscle maintenance.

A 15% to 20% decrease in loads is normal. If the strength drops by half (50%). It means that the food plan is not suitable. Muscles are not used with intensity and lose their volume, especially during a low-calorie diet. Whatever your level, do not exceed a ratio of 50% heavy loads and 50% moderate loads.

A dry bodyweight program is also possible, but it may quickly lack intensity.

Number of repetitions and series: working in a superset and decreasing

It is important to use your muscles with a sustained volume and intensity of work to reach your goal quickly. For example, it is better to perform a maximum of 12 repetitions with a moderate to heavy load rather than 20 repetitions with a light load.

The Extreme Dry program recommends 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions for each following muscle group: Pectorals / Shoulders / Back / Biceps / Triceps. For the abs, you can perform 5 to 6 sets performing the maximum number of repetitions until failure.

The integration of intensification techniques such as the degressive or the superset makes it possible to increase the volume of the training in a minimum of time and thus promotes recovery.

The superset is particularly suitable because it allows you to work two antagonistic muscles (For example- biceps and triceps, pectorals and back, or even lumbar and abs) without a break. You can chain supersets either on the same muscle (agonist superset) or on two different muscles as the bench press and the vertical pull-up (antagonist superset).

Cardio training intensity for cutting

The maximum number of calories and reduce body fat to burn, It is important to know your Maximum Heart Rate (the HR Max) to say the maximum number of beats that the heart can make in one minute. You will need it to perform your cardio program at its best.

The Maximum Heart Rate is an indicator that allows you to dose the effort with the maximum intensity without putting yourself in danger. It also conditions the source of energy (carbohydrates or lipids) used by the body during your sport. You don’t know how much intensity to put in your effort?

To know the ideal heart rate for your cardio session. Take the FCM and multiply by 60% * to 70% * = the heart rate of the zone where the body consumes the best ratio of fatty acids (fat)

  • 60% for beginners
  • 70% for confirmed

Men’s formula: 220 – age X 60% or 70% = ideal cardio zone to burn fat


  • 40-year-old beginner man: 220 – 40 = 180 X 60% = 108 beats / minute
  • 30-year-old man: 220 – 30 = 190 X 70% = 133 beats / minute

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If you want to increase the intensity of your cardio program, then you will need to decrease the volume of training by lowering the effort time. To favor the use of fat as a fuel source, you must work with a maximum heart rate between 60 and 70%.

What frequency of training?

To burn as much fat as possible, the recommended frequency is 3 days ON – 1 day OFF and 2 days ON – 1 day OFF. To guarantee two full days for a good recovery.

Given the high training frequency, the recommended duration is 1h10 to 1h20 maximum to avoid persistent fatigue which would be counterproductive.

The 1-month weight training program must be followed for a minimum of 4 weeks. Do not expect a spectacular effect from the dry program in 2 weeks, even if the first effects are felt. You can extend your dry program for 2 months without any risk. If you are a woman, this program is not the most suitable.

Dry and Weight Loss Program

  • Objective: dry and weight loss for men
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Extras: extreme dry program

Dry muscles and nutrition

Bodybuilding and weight loss program for men and women

The success of the program depends on the nutrition and nature of your diet as much as on your sport. Calorie intake should be restrictive, but you should not skip meals. ” weight loss program for men “

The goal is to bring a total number of calories just below the body’s energy expenditure to force it to draw on its fat reserves. Your diet must be carefully developed, with priority to essential foods and nutrients such as proteins during each meal. Carbohydrates and lipids must remain in reduced proportions but must not be eliminated.

  • Proteins are the basic food of the muscle to ensure its recovery, its development, and prevent its destruction. Intake is maintained with a minimum of 2g per kilo of body weight. When it is difficult to reach the recommended daily nutritional intake, Whey protein is a supplement that facilitates weight loss and helps preserve muscle mass.
  • Carbohydrates are much less present than during a mass gain program but provided in sufficient quantity to maintain the metabolism and support physical performance. During meals, unrefined carbohydrates with a low glycemic index are favored by large consumption of vegetables to limit the insulin peaks responsible for the storage of fat mass.
  • The lipids provided must be of good quality and consumed in small quantities. It not be forgotten that fatty acids are involved in particular in the synthesis of hormones and in particular in that testosterone.

To learn more about dry nutrition and the number of Kcal allowed, continue reading about the dry food program available to you. You will find advice with examples of meals over a week, associated with taking nutritional supplements.

You can also check out all of our dry tips.

What food supplements are in the bodybuilding dryer?

In addition to your food plan and according to your needs, supplementation with targeted fat burners will help you get rid of the water and fat layer that covers your muscles. The Extreme Fitadium drying program combines the best supplements for the dryer
The Redburn Hardcore Redburn-grave supplement aims to optimize fatty loss and dryness, despite a weak calorie intake and boosts metabolism.

Carnitine Carni-Max reinforces the combustion effect of fats for an additional energy supply during your training.
The oxidation diuretics allow you to chase excess water to obtain more cut muscles and optimize muscle definition


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