Best fitness workout and bodybuilding program for women

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Best fitness workout and bodybuilding program for women

The women’s fitness programs are specially designed by coaches. By combining strength training with fitness classes and a little cardio, you lose fat while strengthening sheathing and supporting beautiful posture.

Best fitness workout bodybuilding program for women

This program is suitable for women who subscribe to the gym, and want to build muscle without losing their femininity, quite the contrary: beautiful shapes, beautiful thighs, shapely buttocks, and a nice flat stomach!

Principles of Fitness- Cardio for Women

What exercises for a Re-modeling fitness program?

The women’s fitness program is based on balance training that includes 40% fitness, 30% pure bodybuilding, and 30% cardio.

Whether you are a beginner in the sport and want to push your limits, the exercises in this women’s gym program will allow you to get back in shape, sculpt your body, and maintain a slender and toned look for longer. By adopting these basic tips and following them, you will optimize the results! What to remember from your Fitness cardio program for women “bodybuilding program for women”

  • 40% fitness / 30% muscu-30% cardio
  • Exercises: 50% isolation / 50% basics
  • Moderate loads with medium intensity
  • 4 workouts per week
  • Maximum training time 1h-30

Warming up

Before each session, whether muscular or cardio, warming up is essential.
It gently increases body temperature, but it also increases the body’s ability to receive oxygen and prevents injuries. It is required good physical condition.

To start necessary to warm up the joints slightly, then plan a few minutes of moderate cardio to heat the whole body, such as running on the treadmill, or prefer a few small series without load of the first exercise if you follow up with weight training.

Basic exercises VS Isolation

For this female bodybuilding workout program, you will need to combine core exercises and isolation exercises (50%/50%).

The basic bodybuilding exercises solicit several muscles, they are also called polyarticular exercises. Their purpose is to allow the body to maintain a high basal metabolic rate.

For example- Squats, lunges, bench press, or military press. Isolation exercises are specific and target a particular muscle to draw and sculpt the silhouette. We will rather speak of leg extensions or leg curls.

This program does not cause mass gain as women sometimes fear, but maintains muscle tone while promoting weight loss.

Cardio exercises

This muscle training must be associated with pure cardio sessions or group classes that allow you to work on endurance and lose fat. The classes will allow you to have a good time in a pleasant training atmosphere, and why not share it with your girlfriends to talk to you and sculpt your figure in a good mood.

Among the group lessons offered, you will have, for example, spinning, RPM, or even body attacks that require good cardio but strengthen the rest of the body. If you want to burn calories, this does not prevent you from running on a treadmill or outside when the weather permits.

Circuit training exercises

To effectively reshape and firm the silhouette, you can use specific exercises targeted at the areas to be refined. Circuits Training focuses on a specific muscle group.
Generally, this training mixes cardio and allows you to gain endurance.
This type of training is generally offered in the gym, in group lessons as with the body pump, and carried out independently by chaining muscle strengthening exercises, with limited rest times.

Loads in bodybuilding

As part of the women’s indoor sports program, the weights used in bodybuilding should mainly be light to avoid gaining volume.
Indeed, the goal is not to make the muscle more voluminous, but really to shape it to promote tone and overall refinement of the body. 

After diligent training, you can gradually increase the loads to develop more muscles and have a more athletic look.

Number of repetitions and series: work in Superset

With this female training plan, we will also seek to burn fat. it is recommended to favor long series between 12 and 20 repetitions depending on the exercise.
For the abs, you will try to go to the maximum of your capacities, not by focusing on a specific number of reps but by stopping when you can not anymore.

You can intensify the work by adopting the superset technique, which consists of chaining 2 exercises for the same muscle without a rest.

Rest time

As for the rest times, they should not be too long. For most exercises, you will maintain 60 to 90 seconds of recovery. 

Cardio training intensity and group lessons

To know the ideal heart rate for your cardio session. Take the FCM and multiply by 60% * to 70% * = the heart rate of the zone where the body consumes the best ratio of fatty acids (fat)

  • 60% for beginners
  • 70% for confirmed

Women’s formula: 226 – age X 60% or 70% = cardio sweet spot to burn fat


  1. 40-year-old beginner woman: 226 – 40 = 186 X 60% = 112 beats / minute
  2. Confirmed 30-year-old woman: 226 – 30 = 196 X 70% = 137 beats / minute

How to integrate cardio into your program?

Day of the week Muscles worked

  1. Day 1– Lower body training
  2. Day 2– Intensive cardio or group lesson
  3. Day 3– Rest
  4. Day 4– Upper body training
  5. Day 5– Moderate cardio or group lesson
  6. Day 6 and 7 Rest

What frequency of training?

We advise you to respect 4 to 5 workouts per week. For recovery and to avoid saturating the muscles, you must also respect a minimum of 2 days of rest per week, preferably consecutive.

What is the training duration?

For your sessions try to base yourself on a duration of 1h to 1h30, warm-up included. If your sessions are too long, they may cause too much stress on the muscles and promote fat storage.

Indeed, stress leads to the secretion of a hormone (cortisol) that promotes weight gain and water retention. In this fitness objective, it will be necessary to integrate this notion of training duration so as not to provoke this type of hormonal reaction “bodybuilding program for women”.

Summary of your Program:

  • Purpose: Women reshaping fitness
  • Duration: 3 weeks
  • Extras: Reshaping fitness program

Session 1: Lower Body Strength Training

Exercises ——–Number of sets

Squats ———–5 x 20 reps

Lunges ———-4 x 15 reps

Leg extension—-3 x 12-12 reps (superset)

Crunch———- 5 x max

Session 2: Intensive Cardio or Group lesson

Exercises—- Number of sets

Cardio——1h30 of stepper, elliptical trainer, or spinning class in


Session 3: Upper Body Strength Training

Exercises————–Number of sets

Front vertical pull———-4 x 12 reps

Neck pull———————–4 x 12 reps

Lateral raises————-4 x 15 reps

Low/High pulley bar curl /extension——6 x 12-12 (superset)

Roman chair———-5 x max

Sheathing board——–5 x max

Seated chest rotation on the shoulders—–6 x 100 reps

Session 4: Moderate cardio or Group lesson

Exercises—Number of sets

Cardio—–1h30 of Body attack in a group class

Rest day 3 + 48h on weekends

The importance of diet for a fitness program

Best fitness workout bodybuilding program for women

Our advice in Nutrition for Fitness

If you have a fitness goal “bodybuilding program for women”, that maintains a firm, toned, defined, and feminine silhouette, you will have to avoid having too excessive a diet. You will maintain quality and balanced diet with enough good nutrients to keep the line and allow the muscles to shape up, without storing fat.

It is a question of following a fitness food rebalancing program to adopt good habits and provide the calories necessary to be overflowing with energy!

1- Food supplements

To achieve your physical goal food supplements can be a great source of muscle mass, especially if you usually do not consume enough protein, or fat in certain areas despite the physical activity and a healthy diet.

It will be important to keep a good share of proteins and carbohydrates (preferably low GI) and lipids that provide essential omega 3-6-9.

2- Whey protein for muscle

It’s not always easy to consume enough protein when your goal is to build muscle and shape your figure.
In this case, whey protein powder is an excellent alternative to supplement the intake of main meals. It can then be consumed as a snack in the morning and after training.

3- Fat burners to reduce body fat

Fat burners are generally very popular with people who want to reduce their body fat, and who despite physical and dietary efforts, have trouble destocking quickly.
This type of food supplement increases the basic metabolism and allows to reduce fat mass more quickly for a firmer and more toned physique “bodybuilding program for women”.


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